Quilting Vacation Day

Today is my birthday so I decided to take a vacation day and just stay home and quilt. I had grand plans to catch up on all the block of the months (blocks of the month? ...what is plural for block of the month?) for the quilt guild, and to finish the border on my Turning Twenty quilt, and to finish the binding on two quilts that I've recently finished quilting. Of course that didn't all happen but I did get some stuff done.

I added a border on my Turning Twenty quilt. I finished the top a few months ago but have taken forever to add the extra border on. The pattern gives yardage for an optional 6" border, but I ended up putting a 9" border on. Its now plenty big for our queen size guest bed upstairs and almost big enough for our King size bed. I will demo this pattern at our quilt guild meeting next week.

I did get one block done from the block of the month that our quilt guild is doing this year. The blocks are from Elenor Burn's Underground Railroad and I'm using civil war reproduction fabric. I got the Carpenter's Wheel done today. I of course had to start the block over once because I couldn't get the flying geese squares to be square, and the points on the center star didn't match.

I also recently finished the second block from another block of the month quilt I'm working on. This one is hand applique. The quilt is from Storybook Quilts and is called Woodland Spirits.


Sam on 12/08/2008 6:47 PM said...

Nice work...but how can you make fun of me cleaning the house on sick or vacation days when you do THIS musch work on a free day??

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