To do list for 2010

I am not much for resolutions. I do have a few things I want to work on this year though. Things like losing weight, exercising more, trying to keep the house clean enough that I feel like I can have company more often, cook more often, spend more time training the dogs, and spend more time quilting. All this will dramatically cut into my Facebook time. I log into Facebook and all of a sudden 2 hours of my day is gone.

I have several quilt projects that I'd like to finish this year. I've seen many blogs with bucket lists, or UFO lists. I love the idea, so I thought I'd start my own and mark of what I get accomplished this year. If nothing else I can see what I've completed. Hopefully I'll post a picture with each completed project. So without any further ado here is my 2010 To Do List as I see it right now. I'm breaking it out by what I want to accomplish each month (I am resisting the urge to create Gantt charts to plan this thing). I'm sure I'll end up pushing some things off to another month and working on others early but this is my initial plan.

2010 To Do List

  1. Make demo blocks of the Stars 2009 BOM for the January business meeting
  2. Write up instructions and prepare templates for teaching the January work night
  3. Finish 2 other Stars BOM (2009 BOM) blocks
  4. Finish the Underground Railroad borders
  5. Finish quilting 1 charity quilt for the quilt guild (turn in Feb business meeting)
  1. Bind 3 charity quilts for my quilt guild by the Feb. business meeting
  2. Do 2 more Stars (2009 BOM) blocks
  3. Finish 1 more Tree of Life Block of the Month Quarter block
  4. Start Jo's baby quilt
  5. Choose pattern for a quilt for Kate and start to gather fabric
  6. Make sure the guild meeting minutes/books are ready to turnover to new Secretary
  1. Finish Jo's baby quilt (including quilting and binding)
  2. Start Irish Chain quilt for my cousin Gina
  3. Finish 3 more Stars (2009 BOM) blocks
  4. Piece and quilt one small charity quilt for guild
  1. Finish remaining 2 Stars (2009 BOM)blocks
  2. Assemble Stars (2009 BOM) top
  3. Continue Irish Chain quilt
  4. Start on setting blocks for the Pansy quilt
  5. 2010 Guild BOM
  1. Finish Irish Chain quilt and send out to be quilted
  2. Finish Pansy Quilt top
  3. Piece and quilt one small charity quilt for guild
  4. 2010 Guild BOM
  5. Finish 1 more Tree of Life Block of the Month Quarter block
June - may have some traveling this month
  1. Start piecing Kate's quilt
  2. Finish 1 more Tree of Life Block of the Month Quarter block
  3. Start quilting or send out Underground Railroad
July - May have some traveling this month
  1. Finish 1 more Tree of Life Block of the Month Quarter block
  2. Continue Kate's quilt
  3. Piece and quilt small charity quilt
  1. Start quilting Turning 20 quilt
  2. Finish piecing quilt as you go quilt (from 3 years ago!!!)
  3. Finish Kate's quilt top
  1. Either quilt or send out Kate's top
  2. finish binding on Kate's quilt
  3. finish binding on the quilt as you go quilt
  1. Decide and start on any home made Christmas presents
  1. Christmas Presents
  1. Christmas Presents

Notice that the end of the year got kind of lean. I figured I should give myself a little wiggle room in case some of my earlier projects run long, and because I am not yet sure what I want to do for Christmas presents this year.

My plan is to post weekly updates on what I've accomplished and what I plan to do. Probably I'll try to do this on Mondays with Judy's What's on your design wall updates.


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