Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I wish the Luck of the Irish to each and every one!

Last time I posted was awhile ago. I did finish the baby quilt on time. I am not completely pleased with my quilting. I tried to stitch in the ditch on a lot of the quilt and I had a hard time sewing a straight line!

The pattern came from a Fons and Porter magazine but was done in black and white.

My husband got me some really cute fabric for Valentine's Day including a pack of novelty fabric that had a cute panel for the back.

I didn't end up getting to go to the baby shower because I had to fly to Oklahoma for my Grandfather's funeral. My aunt, who is also a quilter, asked me to help drape a quilt made by my great great grandmother over my grandfather's casket as a pall. The quilt is beautiful and in great condition even though it was close to 100 years old. My aunt would only allow her husband and I to touch the quilt because she knew that we understood how delicate the quilt was. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the quilt.


Beth Mitchell on 5/08/2011 12:00 AM said...

The baby quilt turned out great! What an honor to place the quilt on your Grandfater's casket. I always love your posts! Take care, Beth

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