I'm back

I thought I'd stop in and say Hi since it has been forever and a day since I posted anything at all. My strategy for making myself post more last year did not work at all. In fact most of the items on my list for 2010 are still unfinished. My year just got bad. I ended up having some health issues that kept me from quilting or doing stuff with the dogs or having much fun at all. I'm really hoping for no more of that stuff for this year. Hear that universe? No more!

I did get some upgrades to my quilt studio this winter. Yes, I'm calling it a quilt studio because I have a nice quilting cabinet now. I have all the room I need to quilt, and the machine can be flush with the cabinet top. That should help my neck and arms, before I was using a small computer desk and found myself reaching up to the sewing machine and then hunching over. Now I just have to get the room organized the way I want. I've moved the furniture around about 5 times and still haven't found something I like.

My quilt room is a bonus room over the garage, so it is a long narrow room with vaulted ceilings that start about 4 feet from the floor on 2 of the walls. I have my office and a bed in there too, so I'm struggling with trying to make all that into usable functional space. The vaulted ceilings tend to cut down on usable space because you can't put anything tall next to those walls, and if you need to stand you need to be about 1 to 2 feet away from the wall. OK, I can be 1 foot or less away from the wall, but that is just because I'm short. My husband has to be closer to 2 feet away from the wall to stand comfortably. Speaking as one who has bounced her head off the ceiling several times, it is probably best to plan on staying at least 18" away from those walls.

Hopefully once I get everything organized and put away I'll post a picture of the room. That may end up being next January at the rate I'm posting, but I'll try to post before then.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their year.


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