Red and Aqua

So I'm apparently one of the last people in the world to realize that red and aqua is such a nice color combination. I was picking out fabrics for our guild's block of the month for this year and decided I'd seen a great color combination on Happy Zombie and thought maybe I'd try something like that. By the way if you don't read Happy Zombie's blog you are missing out. She has the cutest quilts and a great sense of humor. Love her!

So anyway back to my story...

I decided I wanted to do the BOM in red and aqua. I went to the stash and started picking out fabrics. I have almost no aqua. How can that be possible? Aqua is such a pretty color. Lots of blues but very few of them really aqua. It is tragic. I think this means I am going to have to go fabric shopping.

After I decided to use red and aqua I started seeing it everywhere! Check out TLC's new summer ad campaign. Red and Aqua. It seems every other commercial I see has red and aqua.

A quick search on google comes up with this lovely piece of eye candy on All Things Lovely

It's everywhere! How did I miss it before?

Little update on my quilting...
This week I got all the rest of the blocks cut and pieced for my pansy quilt. I'm ready to start sewing the blocks together. I don't have a picture right now because the quilt is too big for my design wall. I've got the blocks laying out on the bed in the guest room. To get a good picture of that I'd have to climb on the dresser and stand on tip toe then reach as high as I can with the camera and hope I'm pointing it at the bed. Not worth it. I'll post pictures when I get the top together though.


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